High availibilty, with uptime 98% and more in worst case scenario.

Commited support team, with all latest communication media such as voice, text etc.

Best infrastructure to work out in natural disaster and other unforseen events.

Global standards, our product are being used in other asia countries as well.


Web2Trac is the most recent software product developed in this field which is in use It is using latest technologies available in the software world to support high availability and least response time.

Web2Trac host its most of the backend infrastructure with AWS, Rackspace, and Linode which are leaders in cloud hosting industries with uptime more than 98-99%. Web2Trac uses Linux due to scalability, reliability and security features which enables it to give the most out of worst circumstances. Our softwares have been developed using django, nodejs, MySQL, mongoDB and redis for better data crunching and better usability.

We promise you free updates on latest features, since this software product is a living creature we have a platform where user places their feature request in addition to what they have and our engineering team analyses it and if found useful all customers gets benefits from it. We move with pace and almost come up with a new feature updates twice a month.

Technologies we use

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